Terms of employment

Our terms of employment

Alongside our goal of helping you enjoy the work and facilitating your development, we also offer generous fringe benefits. We provide an inspiring working environment and are keen to build a beneficial long-term partnership.

  • We offer a salary in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement in line with your tasks and responsibilities; 

  • A holiday allowance is provided in May and a year-end bonus in December; 

  • Time off is provided during almost all the school holidays for the north Netherlands region;

  • Excellent pension plan with ABP;

  • Discount with a number of health insurers thanks to collective health insurance;

  • As part of our Vitality and Wellbeing scheme, we offer a range of products for purchase with tax benefits (through the gross salary), such as a bicycle, gym membership, weekend trips, meal boxes and museum membership; 

  • We facilitate and encourage professional development: in the Esprit Academy, we offer high-quality training and education for all employees along with an annual budget and time for professional development; 

  • Further beneficial primary and secondary terms of employment are available. More details can be found in the CAO PO [CBA for primary education] and the CAO VO [CBA for secondary education] (both in Dutch).

Watch a video about what we offer below or download our pdf file with all the information to read it through again (in Dutch with English links).