Become a teacher at Esprit

Are you thinking of making the switch to education?

At Esprit schools, you can become a teacher!

We offer you the option of training at Esprit to become a teacher in primary or secondary education. Being a teacher is one of the best professions there is! Teach children to become everything they’ve dreamed of, and use yourself as the starting point.

Teaching in secondary education

As a lateral entrant from any profession, we can train you to work as a teacher. If you have a Dutch HBO or WO-level diploma and have not been registered at a PABO academy within the past two years, register with 1Loket and send an email to

After a crash course at Het Schoolbureau, in which you will be immersed in the world of education over eleven consecutive days, take a three-month (paid) work experience course and once you have obtained an aptitude certificate, you will take a two-year PABO course. Combine your studies with a paid workplace at one of our schools. Once you have successfully completed the entire pathway, you can become a permanent employee at Esprit Schools as a qualified teacher.

Teacher in secondary education

Are you interested in becoming a teacher in secondary education? If so, register for the path of lateral entry into the profession (ZIB) at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences or the University of Amsterdam and obtain the certificate of suitability. Let us know at this email address once you’ve received the certificate of suitability. We work with you to find a suitable position at one of our secondary schools and we can appoint you as a lateral entry student, where you combine your studies with a paid job. Once you have completed the entire pathway successfully, you can become a permanent employee at Esprit Schools as a qualified teacher.