I am close to our students and I make a genuine contribution to their personal development.

Mustafa Barutcu, VO Mundus teacher, practical education


My name is Mustafa Barutcu, I am 28 years old and I am of Dutch-Turkish descent. I have been working at Esprit Schools for 18 months now and felt at home right away. I started as an intern at the time and never left.

I work as an internship supervisor and a cooking teacher and I really enjoy the variety this brings. As an internship supervisor, I examine what suits our students best so that they gain real work experience and are prepared for the future as global citizens. As a cooking teacher, I try to teach the students the Dutch language in a fun way at the same time. I also support students who are given the opportunity to continue their development in the school canteen.

My working days can be hectic, but they are always challenging. I go to work with a spring in my step every day. My students see me as a committed, sincere and motivated teacher.

My favourite aspect of my job is working closely with our students and making a genuine contribution to their personal development. I feel completely at home at Esprit Schools and I am encouraged to go a step further each and every day.