As a teacher of group 6, I have the best job in the country!

Anouk de Boer, PO, WSV group teacher


I work full-time as a teacher in group 6 of WSV (one of the Esprit schools). I instantly felt welcome at WSV; it has such a pleasant atmosphere. All my colleagues are committed and helpful. Teachers are valued and are given the opportunity to participate in all decision-making processes, so at WSV I was really able to develop into a full-fledged teacher.

Teaching is my passion; I go to work with pleasure every day and come home feeling a sense of satisfaction. I engage all the children in the class every day. Together, we create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom, so that everyone feels at ease. The nice thing about teaching at a primary school is that you get to teach all the subjects, which makes the work highly versatile. You are always being creative, showing initiative and trying to be flexible when things turn out differently than expected.

No two days are ever the same in education. That is what makes the teaching profession so innovative and challenging. As a teacher, you can really make a difference for children. As a teacher of group 6, I have the best job in the country!