I learn a lot from my students.

Henri Boer, VO ALASCA teacher, HAVO/VWO


My name is Henri Boer and I teach social sciences at ALASCA. I have been working at Esprit Scholen for ten years now and first started at the Cartesius Lyceum, where I completed two internships and then stayed on as a teacher. I had a brilliant time at Cartesius and was given every opportunity for self-development.

Now I teach social studies, and I am a tutor to 15 students in five HAVO. I've been working at ALASCA for four months. I am the only social sciences teacher here, and have plenty of freedom to set up the programme. In addition to the social sciences lessons, I also work on cross-curricular modules. I develop these modules in collaboration with other teachers, and we teach the classes together. The advantage of this system is that you can quickly familiarise yourself with several of your colleagues and can share your knowledge and expertise. I also supervise my mentor students in their final year. 

As a social sciences teacher, I look at and research our society together with the students. It is so much fun to go through this process with 15 - 18 year-olds. They often have very different ideas about what the world should look like and what is going well or completely wrong. I learn a lot from my pupils.

I also enjoy the challenge of making students aware of their own socialisation process and the environments in which they may operate. Sometimes, I consciously choose more controversial topics, to get students thinking. Innovative ideas about how to work within education are thriving at at ALASCA. I enjoy translating these ideas into teaching and general practice.